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Appointed by Governor DeSantis to the Alachua County Commission, Raemi Eagle-Glenn served as the third Republican Commissioner in County history.

About Raemi

Raemi Eagle-Glenn is a mother, wife, small business owner and attorney. Limiting the size and scope of government is her first priority so that our economy can flourish. She has called Gainesville her home since 2008 when she moved from Ft. Myers to attend law school. Living in Gainesville for nearly two decades revealed to her that we are fighting a radical left authoritarian form of government that seeks to control every aspect of our lives and tax us into misery.

She has fought for our free state of Florida as the current Alachua County State Committeewoman by knocking on thousands of voter’s doors to secure the election of Governor Ron DeSantis in 2018 and 2022, and a Florida victory for President Donald Trump in 2020. She is a grassroots community leader that understands the fight for our freedom never ends.


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Raemi’s Top Issues


Secure Florida’s Border and fight to secure the Southern Border.

Efforts to secure Florida’s border aim to bolster the state’s defenses against illicit activities and unauthorized immigration, ensuring safety and sovereignty. Advocating for the security of the Southern Border reflects a commitment to national integrity and control over immigration flows, safeguarding communities and upholding the rule of law.

Protect our children in the classroom.

Safeguarding our children in the classroom involves implementing measures to prevent the exposure of inappropriate sexual content by ensuring that teachers adhere to appropriate curriculum guidelines and standards, fostering a safe and conducive learning environment for students to thrive academically and emotionally.

Hold insurance companies accountable to pass down savings.

Demanding accountability from insurance companies entails ensuring they transparently pass down savings to consumers, thereby promoting fair and affordable access to essential services. By holding insurance companies responsible for transferring cost reductions to policyholders, individuals and families can benefit from more manageable premiums and improved financial security.

Cut taxes and balance the budget to put more money in your pocket.

Advocating for tax cuts and budget balancing initiatives aims to empower individuals by putting more money back into their pockets while ensuring fiscal responsibility. By prioritizing these measures, policymakers strive to alleviate financial burdens on citizens and promote economic stability, fostering opportunities for personal financial growth and prosperity.

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